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Defending your rights.

Protecting your future.

We are your advocates.
We are on your side.

When you or a loved one is charged with a crime, you want answers to important questions you have probably never dealt with before. You want personal attention from an attorney because your future is at stake. You want an attorney who will take a vested interest in your case. You want an attorney who is experienced and seasoned by decades of criminal defense trial work and negotiations with prosecutors.

We take pride in the fact that we care about our clients. We have almost 60 combined years worth of experience doing this kind of work. Because of that vast experience, we know what it takes to represent you in every aspect of your case. We are not afraid to step into the courtroom and aggressively defend you in a trial. We know how to evaluate all of the evidence and present the facts surrounding your case in a manner designed to best defend you and your interests.




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We take an integrated and comprehensive approach to help resolve your problems. Our defense often involves the use of experts in various fields of medicine, psychology, technology, and other applied sciences. We will work with you to aggressively present all information that represents you and your case in the best light. We can help rebuild your future by guiding you on what the possible consequences are of the various courses of action we can take with your case.


A Message To Parents And Students

Growing up often means learning from your mistakes, but we don’t want those mistakes to hurt your child’s future. As you send your child off to college, here’s a guide for parents and students on how to protect the student in some areas they might encounter in college and help them make the right decisions.  


Areas Of Practice

Defending People Accused of Committing Crimes

The Law Offices of Swanton and Frederick handle criminal cases ranging from the most serious Federal and State crimes such as capital murder, to Class "C" misdemeanors. We defend individuals accused of the following types of crimes:


Drug charges

Drug possession

Credit card fraud


Intoxication Assault


White collar crimes

Minor in Possession/Consumption


Rape/Sexual Assault






Child pornography

For a more complete list of criminal allegations which we defend, click here:


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Call us now at 254-757-2082 for a free initial consultation. Time is of the essence in defending your rights and protecting your future. Regardless of what the police may have told you regarding what evidence they claim to have against you, it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as you can following your initial contact by law enforcement.

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