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Parents & Students: A Guide to Protecting the Future

Growing up often means learning from your mistakes, but we don’t want those mistakes to hurt your child’s future. As you send your child off to college, check out our guide for parents and students on how to protect the student in some areas they might encounter in college and help them make the right decisions. 

Students outside the science building on college campus

Teaching your child to know their surroundings and be mindful of their actions is an important first step. It’s also important to understand that their digital presence online can rarely be truly deleted or erased. Arm your child with the knowledge of what their rights are in different areas of the law, whether they are in the right or wrong, as well as what they need to do if something unfortunate were to happen to them. While we hope that your child will never need legal assistance, we’ve outlined what your family would need to know in case they are arrested. Pass this along to your child and keep it marked for future reminders.

Read the full guide here.

Jeremy Bush